Registration and Sale of Firms in Estonia

We will help you with selling a new or already existing firm.

Satelles Saturni OÜ is a licensed registrar of the firms. Number of our license: FIU000207. Purchase of an off- the-shelf firm is performed directly before the Notary, i.е. at the Notary’s office.

Satelles Saturni OÜ conducts formalization of new companies registration in Estonia and sales of reputable operating companies, as well as of companies which have been registered but have not conducted any economic activity.

You can send us a request to purchase an operating company or to find a buyer for your company. We provide a full range of services and quick servicing to our customers; therefore, you can purchase a shelf company and start entrepreneurial activity as soon as possible. During the purchasing and registration of the company the scope of activity may be changed for free if required. We also provide assistance in receiving licenses, operating permits and VAT number. We can help you to open bank accounts and security boxes.


Firm Obligatory Requirements:

  •  ● Registration in the Commercial Register of Estonia
  •  ● Registered Address in Estonia
  •  ● At least one member
  •  ● At least one member of the management board
  •  ● The same person can be a member and member of the management board
  •  ● Accounting
  •  ● Reporting in the Commercial Register of Estonia
  •  ● Reporting in the Tax Department of Estonia
  •  ● Reporting in the Central Bank of Estonia
  •  ● Reporting in the Statistics Department of Estonia

May you have a good business in Estonia and EU!