Estonia is the first state in the world that offers e-residency. An e-resident is a foreigner to whom, on the basis of the identity of the state of citizenship, Estonia has provided the opportunity to create an electronic digital identity and has issued an electronic digital identity card - the digital ID of the e-resident.

With the e-resident's digital ID card, you can sign the documents with electronic signature and enter all the portals and information systems that recognize the Estonian ID card. In simple terms, e-residency is an online residency without a physical address in Estonia. E-residents will be able to manage all aspects of their business completely online, from banking services to signing documents and paying taxes in Estonia.

For entrepreneurs registered outside the European Union, e-residency provides a convenient opportunity to incorporate a company in Estonia and thus organize office work in the European Union.

E-residency does not provide tax residency, the right to reside in Estonia, and permission to enter Estonia or the European Union. The e-resident's Digital ID card is not a physical identity or travel document, and there is no photo on it.

An e-resident, within the meaning of Estonian tax laws, is a non-resident who is taxed in Estonia only on income earned in Estonia.

Estonian e-residency does not automatically relieve you of taxation in another country.

Even if EU membership is not important for you, the process of starting and running a business as an e-resident in Estonia is easier than in any other country.

E-residency can be obtained by persons over 18 years of age, without a criminal record, by the decision of the Estonian police and border guard.

If you have obtained e-residency in Estonia, congratulations!